Girls Fast-Pitch Softball

Little League softball age groups are based on birth year.  The registration will automatically select your daughter's "league age" for you, which will align your daughter to one of our two divisions: 

Peanuts (coach pitch) - 2012-2013.

Minors (girl pitch) - 2009-2011. 

For girls born 2014 or earlier, you are eligible to register for co-ed t-ball.  If you would like to register your daughter for a division that does not align with her softball league age, please contact one of the VPs of Softball.  Email address is found on the League Board tab of this website. 

Schedule: Play begins in April and approximately 12-15 games will be scheduled for each team.

Practice: Teams will have practice as scheduled by the Manager.  The league will also continue its effort to provide developmental opportunities.

Girls will start to learn how to throw, catch, hit and pitch.  Peanuts level uses 10" softies, and the minors league uses a 11" softball.