Rookies is for boys & girls ages 7, 8 and 9 (actual birthday requirements will be listed when registration opens)

Additionally, specifically for 7 year olds, the La Grange Park Little League Board recommends players that are eligible for the Coach Pitch division play two years in that division unless you feel your child can demonstrate the following skills:

1) Throw a baseball at least 40' on the fly.
2) Consistently catch a thrown baseball.
3) Make consistent contact at the plate.
4) Has general baseball knowledge and shows in-game awareness.

Team Selection: Draft by Team Managers

Schedule: Play begins in April and approximately 12 - 16 games are scheduled for each team.

Fields: TBD

Practice:  Teams practice at managers discretion. Typically, teams practice 2 to 4 times before the games begin.

Game Play: Rookies is more developmental than Coach Pitch. Score is kept but records are not. The Rookies level is the first level played with balls, strikes, and outs along with kids pitching and playing catcher. A coach pitches if a batter gets four balls or hit by pitch (there are no walks but there are strikeouts). The inning ends when a team gets 3 outs or scores 5 runs. Games are scheduled for four innings. Players are encouraged to play all positions over the course of the season. The season ends with managers selecting players to play on the 8U All-Star Tournament Team or in the Rookies All-Star Game.

A hat and team shirt is provided by the league. Players will need to bring their own glove, but helmets and bats are optional (and are otherwise shared/provided by the league during the game).

Please feel free to contact our Rookies V.P. or Coach Pitch V.P. with any questions regarding where your child should play.

Their email addresses can be found on the League Board tab on the LGPLL website.