Tee Ball is open to boys & girls ages 4+ (actual birthday requirements will be listed when registration opens)

Schedule: Play begins in April, and approximately 8-12 games are scheduled for each team.  Traditionally we will try to schedule 1 practice and 1 game each week thru mid-June.

Fields: All games will be played at Forest Road

Practice: Preseason practice is at the manager's discretion and weather permitting. There will be a 30 minute practice before each game.

Game Play: Players hit a safety ball off of an adjustable batting tee.  No score is kept. Basic game rules are taught and players are rotated among the different fielding positions.  The full batting order will bat in a half inning.  Traditionally, outs are not recorded; base runners do not advance on overthrows. 

A hat and team shirt is provided by the league. Players will need to bring their own glove, but helmets and bats are optional (and are otherwise shared/provided by the league during the game).  And most importantly, they should be ready to have fun!

Managers and Coaches always welcomed: As our program grows, so does the need for Managers and Coaches. This allows for smaller teams and more at bats! No experience necessary.