Schedule: Play begins in April and approximately 14-18 games will be played, plus a playoff that all teams will be eligible for.

Fields: The majority of games will be played at William Yena Park. There will also be road games against other neighboring district leagues.

Practice: Teams will practice at their managers discretion.  Typically each team will have 3-5 practices before the season starts with an occasional in season practice.  There is no league policy on practice as it is entirely up to the manager to practice as often as they see fit.

Game Play: Majors games will consist of 4-6 innings, not exceeding 2 hours, of competitive softball in which the score will be kept along with league standings.  Majors is entirely kid pitch with an umpire calling balls and strikes. Managers are encouraged to rotate their players between the infield and outfield to promote development.   At the conclusion of the regular season a playoff will take place in which all teams will be eligible with a Champion game being played mid June.  All-Star teams will be selected from the best players in all of LGPLL at the end of the year. If you have any questions about registration, the rules, or placement of your child, please contact the divisional VP.  Email address can be found on the League Board tab of this website. 

Majors league uses a 12" softball and a 40' mound with 60’ base length.

A team jersey is provided by the league. Players will need to bring their own glove and protective face mask. Protective face masks is required for all players. Helmets and bats are optional (and are otherwise shared/provided by the league during the game).

Little League softball age groups are based on birth year.  The registration will automatically select your daughter's "league age" for you, which will align your daughter to one of our divisions: 

DIVISION BIRTH YEAR (League Age) Description / Notes
Majors 2011, 2010 (League Age 11,12)

Kid Pitch. 

Eligible for post season district play.