This is the official site for Little League Baseball in LaGrange Park IL. LaGrange Park Little League offers baseball to boys and girls ages 4 and up who live within the boundaries of LaGrange Park IL. Through discipline, teamwork and pure fun of the gam

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The managers within each division will select the players during a meeting that is held by the divisional VP, with the league president in attendance.  Only the managers will have a vote on the players that are selected.

The number of all-star teams to be selected at each level will be discussed by the VP, managers, and president prior to the selection meeting.  If it is decided that multiple teams will be chosen, the District team will be selected first.  A tournament team consisting of 10-12 players will then be selected using the same process below.


All-Star Player Selection Process for District Teams (ages 10u, 11u, 12u):

  1. Each manager will write down three names and submit it to the league president to be tallied.  The president will tally the anonymous votes and any player who receives a majority of votes will be elected to the team.  Any player that does not receive a majority of votes will go back into the pool of players for the next round.  Players that did not receive a majority of votes will remain anonymous.
  2. The selection process will continue in this manner until at least 10 players have been selected.  After at least 10 players have been selected, only 1 name will be written down at a time. 
  3. After the 12th player is selected, the manager for the team will be selected (see manager selection process below). 
  4. After the manager is selected, the manager can request the player(s) he/she would like to be considered for the 13th roster spot.  This is only a request and the voting managers do not have to honor this request if they feel there is a different, more deserving player.  The managers of the league will then vote anonymously on the 13th player. 
  5. If a team alternate is selected, he/she will be selected in the same manner as the 13th player.


All-Star Player Selection Process for 8u and 9u Teams:

  1. The selection of players, managers, and coaches should follow the same guidelines as above.
  2. The number of teams and the division of talent will be determined at the meeting by the managers, VP, and president. 


All-Star Manager/Coach Selection Process:

  1. The VP will discuss all-star managerial duties at the first division meeting of the year.  An email will be sent out early in the season to gauge interest of who would like to be considered to manage the team.
  2. At the all-star meeting, the league president will make it known who is interested in managing the team after the 12th player has been selected.  Any name that the president gives at this point has been approved.  The managers of the league will conduct an anonymous vote (in the same manner the players are chosen) after each candidate has had an opportunity to speak on their behalf to the group.  The manager who gets the majority of the votes is elected.  If there is a tie, another vote will take place with only those who are tied as eligible options.  If a tie happens for a second time, the league president will cast the final vote.
  3. The newly elected manager will choose his/her coaching staff.  The coaching staff will be approved by the league president.