This is the official site for Little League Baseball in LaGrange Park IL. LaGrange Park Little League offers baseball to boys and girls ages 4 and up who live within the boundaries of LaGrange Park IL. Through discipline, teamwork and pure fun of the gam

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Concession Stand Basics


  • Arrive at your scheduled time
  • Hang menu on outside wall of stand (left of window)
  • Put candy menu on counter
  • Wash your hands before doing any set up
  • Wear gloves when handling food
  • Open the containers that hold the candy
  • Turn on popcorn machine so it warms up
    • After 15 minutes you can put in the oil and kernels in the kettle (be careful the kettle will be hot)
    • It will take a couple of minutes to start popping
    • When it is close to being done, dump the kettle and turn off the kettle
    • Make sure the light is on in the machine once the popcorn is made
  • Turn hot dog roller up to 3 to heat up
    • Once the green light goes off turn down the back to just below the 1
    • Cook hot dogs on front rollers (around 5 minutes) then keep warm on the back rollers
    • If someone orders on that is on the back, move to the front for around a minute
  • Fill chili/cheese warmer with water to fill line and turn on high to heat up
    • Use leftover cheese and chili in containers from countertop cooler to start the day
    • After 30 minutes (or when cheese and chili are warm) turn down to medium heat
  • The person opening for you will let you know if there will be a pizza delivery for the day
    • If there is a delivery, turn pizza warmer on high
    • After 30-45 minutes turn down to 6
  • Pizza deliveries will be from Bill’s Place
    • (Please tip the delivery driver $5)​
    • Put the receipt in the cash box
  • Turn the Keurig on when you arrive.
    • Fill water with gallons found on shelf below Keurig
    • To make coffee, put K-Cup in and leave on 10 oz.
  • Make sure you give them a stirrer with their coffee
    • To make hot chocolate, leave the K-Cup spot open, it will ask if you are dispensing hot water
      • Change to 8 oz. by pressing the down arrow
      • Put powder in first, then dispense hot water
      • Stir it before you give it to them
  • If there is a game following the one you are working (Saturdays) and someone has volunteered, please wait for them to arrive before you leave

End of Shift:

  • Before leaving, please restock all the supplies
  • Please make sure all coolers and freezers are securely closed
  • Before closing for day
    • Please be sure that all the appliances (Hot dog roller, Keurig, popcorn machine, chili/cheese warmer, and pizza warmer) are turned off
    • Empty the extra cheese and chili in containers and put in countertop cooler
      • Please label with dry erase marker with date
    • Wash chili and cheese wells and ladles
    • Wipe down the hot dog rollers
      • Be careful, they will be hot!!
      • Wash tray from under rollers
    • Wash all utensils used throughout the day
    • Put lids on all the candy containers, coffee cup container, and popcorn bag container
    • Bring in menu from outside
  • Sweep floor
  • Empty garbage if bag is full, put in dumpster in parking lot